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Welcome to the Hoggit Training Server (HTS)! This is a noob-friendly training server that offers a wide variety of dynamically spawnable targets. This allows you to train at your current skill-level across every module that DCS: World has to offer.

If you'd like help in any fashion, please join our discord at and ping @instructors with your question.

Please read the following briefing for important HTS Mission Information:

Server Rules

NO TEAMKILLING - You're allowed to dogfight with someone that is a willing participant, but strafing the guy on the ground trying to figure out how to start his A-10 is a ban-able offence. Please report intentional TK'ing to the @serveradmin in the Hoggit Discord.

Respect other people's Ranges - If you're not in active communication about teaming up on a range, please respect the ranges that other people spawn. If you'd like something to destroy, spawn your own or ask people to team up.


There are multiple ranges to choose from on the HTS, ranging from static ranges to dynamically spawnable ranges (spawnable via the F10 menu), all with varying levels of difficulty. The static ranges will respawn after being destroyed, while the dynamic ranges will not.

To spawn a dynamic range, open the radio menu and select:

Radio -> F10 Other... -> F1 Ranges...

From here you can spawn in a range, display information about your current range, spawn a JTAC for your range, or despawn your range.

Range Types

Note: Ranges are unique per flight (ie: Uzi 8-1 and 8-2), and each flight can only have 1 range active at a time. If you'd like your own range, consider switching slots to a new flight.

If you slot into a group and cannot spawn a range because it says you already have one, see if someone in your group is already attacking a range. If you're the only one in your group, select "Despawn my range" from the Ranges menu and try again.


Using the Radio Menu, you can spawn a JTAC Unit near your range that will provide you with laser guidance to any units in the area. You may only spawn one JTAC per range.

After spawning a JTAC the laser code will be communicated to you via a notification at the top right of the screen.

The JTAC will be automatically despawned when your range is despawned.

Known Issues: Sometimes in the harder ranges JTAC are killed by the units nearby. Working on a solution for this, as you can't re-spawn a JTAC for your range.


While voice comms are not a requirement to fly here, they are strongly recommended. We offer voice channels on our Discord and also have SRS configured for the server:

Discord - SRS -

If you'd like help setting up SRS, ping any @instructor on discord.

SRS Freqs


Static Easy Range

Static Medium Range

Static Hard Range